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Vocation: Prospective members of the vowed core community will enquire and ask to test their vocation; and this needs to be accepted by the whole Community. 

There will be an introduction to the commitment to prayer; worship, service, in fellowship with the Saints, together with an acknowledgement of the part they play in our life of faith....and a filling in of any gaps in a candidate's knowledge of the ''basics'' of Religious life and the life of faith. This is a ''refreshment course'' on which we are all engaged for life ; nobody can ever say they have stopped learning.

If it feels right to all concerned, a trial period of testing will ensue; a time of living the life , sharing it with the others, and a mutual getting to know each other on each other's home ground, where possible.

Election is necessary by the Community to profession in vows. These vows are renewable certainly in the first instance; they may continue to be so; OR after a period of at least nine or ten years. they may be ratified for life.

There are many ways to remain in contact and share in our life and work. Each way offers varying degrees of commitment to us and to a life of prayer as Friends, Contact members, Associates, or Oblates

Associates express their support for the Community in prayer, regular visits and retreats, and, where possible, assisting the Community with their works. Oblates have a more extended ‘hands-on’ commitment, pledging themselves to live alongside the Community and take part in our daily life and routines.

If you are interested in any of these ways of sharing our life please get in touch with us at the Bungay house. 

Praying Hands
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