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The Charitable Trust oversee two funds, a General Grants Fund and a Medical Grants Fund.

Grants are awarded to organisations and individuals but we are particularly keen to support other charities.

The objects of the Community and its members are the service of God in the faith of their Lord and Master Jesus Christ by prayer and worship, by humility and love, and by using their gifts in charitable works such as the following:

  • The training and support of others in the Christian life and working with others to forward the unity and mission of the Christian Church.

  • The provision of facilities and teaching for promoting the general education, on Christian principles, of persons of all ages in the United Kingdom and abroad.

  • The care and relief of persons who are sick, infirm or in conditions of need, hardship and distress.

Our grant awards will be issued annually.  Application deadline is 31st March and successful submissions will be notified of their awards by 30 June.

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