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We are an Anglican Religious Order located around the UK. The threefold commitment of Religious Life to live in celibate chastity, which frees us to love and serve anywhere and everywhere, in glad obedience and in poverty of spirit which enables us to sit lightly and gratefully within the environment God has given us.


Welcome, hospitality and support remain central to our Ministry. We offer guesthouse accommodation on the Isle of Mull and Pax days at our Bungay residence. We provide guidance and spiritual direction to those who ask and quiet days to individuals and small groups alike throughout the year. The whole is sustained and supported at the core by prayer and dedication to God by All Hallows' Sisters and our extended family


This Anglican Community, founded in 1855, is called to a way of life which has at its heart a commitment to prayer. This is expressed communally, in a shared four-fold Office.

"There is a Rock under the foundations of our life which shifting circumstances do not affect."

Lavinia Crosse, Our Foundress

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