All Hallows

Welcome to The Community of All Hallows

We are an Anglican Religious Order located around the UK.

In 2017/18 the Community discerned a call to move out of a way of living the Religious Life that it has sustained, and which has sustained it, since it was founded.

The threefold commitment of Religious Life is still ours, to live in a celibate chastity  which frees us to love and serve anywhere and everywhere,  in glad obedience,   and in a  poverty of spirit  which enables us to sit  lightly and gratefully to the environment God has given us.   However, it is now being worked out in the context of a "Dispersed" Community.  This presents its own challenges!  as has the traditional conventual expression.  It follows that a process is still necessary of discernment and gradual assimilation into the life, with a testing at every stage.

Welcome and hospitality remain central to our ethos and are at the forefront of our works. We offer guesthouse accommodation on the Isle of Mull and Pax days at our new Bungay property.  We provide guidance and spiritual direction to those who ask, and we offer a programme of led Christian retreats and quiet days to individuals and small groups alike throughout the year.

People get in touch with us for a variety of reasons: some for welcome, acceptance, to be listened to and for comfort in difficult times, others for the quiet, for prayer, study, reflection and simply rest.

The whole is sustained and supported at the core by prayer and dedication to God by All Hallow’ Sisters and our extended family.

And so the journey continues; only God knows where it will take us…