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“The Lord of life is calling us, Come let us take His hand, In glad surrender of our lives, to love as He commands”

There is a great spirituality surrounding the Community of All Hallows, and a number of people who visit feel an urge to retain a link with us.  Find out below how you can remain in touch, from becoming nun, to receiving our newsletter.


Prospective members of a the vowed core community will enquire and ask to test their vocation; and this needs to be accepted by the whole Community.    There will be an introduction to the commitment to prayer, worship, service, in fellowship with the Saints, together with an acknowledgement of the part they play in our life of faith....and a filling in of any gaps in a candidate's knowledge  of the "basics" of Religious life and the life of faith.   This is a "refreshment course" on which we are all engaged  for  life;  nobody can ever say they have stopped learning.

If it feels right to all concerned, a trial period of testing will ensue; a time of  living the life,   sharing it with the others, and a mutual getting to know each other on each other's home ground where possible.

Election  is necessary by the Community  to profession in vows.  These vows are renewable certainly in the first instance;  they may continue to be so;  OR  after a period of at least nine or ten years,  they may be ratified for life."


The deep-felt desire of communities to be for God is expressed nowadays in a multitude of different strands within our basic tapestries. Companions of All Hallows are the latest such strand for us, the first exploring this life in October 2008. Companions try to live a life of loving closeness to God and to His world, in prayer and in the work He calls the Community to undertake. If you are seeking to live a God-centred life in a deeply committed, cheerful and accepting monastic context, then this way of doing it might appeal to you! We welcome all serious enquiries from those with the maturity to embrace such a life.


In 1868 Mother Lavinia founded the Associates for women who would like to be associated with the Community of All Hallows in work and prayer. Membership is also open to men.

Associates have a simple Rule of life and there is a year’s trial before an Associate is admitted to full membership. Associates have a daily rule of prayer, Bible reading and Spiritual reading and are asked to attend the Eucharist on Sundays and the greater festivals. We have an Associates’ Day held at the Convent each year and an annual Associate Quiet Day.

Associates are welcome to stay at the Community whenever they can. There is also a newsletter at least three times a year so that Associates can keep up to date with news and events. For further guidance on how to become an Associate, please contact us.


There is a great desire for people to feel they belong and to seek for places which offer this, and stability in a changing world. All Hallows Community has a core of Sisters vowed to live the 3-fold vow in Community – a stable core which has existed for over 150 years.

In the 1990s, some felt a call to a close connection with the Community but were unable to become professed members. In a desire to fulfil a part in, and contribute to the life of the Sisters they became part of the extended family. They take promises yearly, live under the rule adapted to their home and work circumstances, share in the worship and daily Offices and often give valuable service to the Community.

The sisters value the Oblates’ commitment, their strong prayer life and their individual personalities. All saints are so varied, and so are our Oblates, and we are very grateful for their dedication, which reinforces our own. To become an Oblate write to or e-mail the Joint Leaders. After several visits to the Community involving discussions and prayer with the Joint Leaders and the Oblate Sister an enquirer will spend at least a year testing this call from God.

Contact Group

Members of Contact have a variety of interests and are from many walks of life. Their common factor is that they all visit All Hallows and, while they do not feel called to become Associates or Oblates; they desire to form closer links with the Community.

Contact group meets at the Convent on a Saturday at least twice a year, joining the Sisters for the 9.30a.m. Eucharist. We then take part in a variety of activities according to the gifts and needs of those attending the day. These might include, exploring ways of praying, looking at the Bible, learning about the Religious Life, walking together and enjoying various craft and creative activities – all of which serve to bring us into closer contact with All Hallows and with each other as we journey towards God.

Those who are interested are asked to:

  • Commit themselves for a minimum of one year.
  • Pray regularly for the Community, especially for people being called to the Religious Life and for those now testing their vocations.
  • Come to as many Contact events and days as possible.
  • Remain in contact with the Community and with each other by letter, telephone or email.

If you are interested in Contact or have any ideas for future events, please send an email to:
Pippa Bridges, Email:

Worshipping in the chapel
Worshipping in the chapel
Group of Associates
Group of Associates
Dining together
Dining together
Peace be with you
Peace be with you